A boat tour from Bantayan Island to Malapascua and Calanggaman

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Because we had some friends invited from Germany we decided to have a nice boat tour to Calanggaman with an overnight stay on Malapascua and that was a really good decision!

Most people want to make roundtrips to islands near Bantayan Island, but you should know that you could get in nearly two hours already to Malapascua. Especially if you like snorkeling or diving at all, here is one of the best spots you can find here, and even more interesting is the tiny Island 1,5 hours away from Malapascua, it’s name is Calanggaman. Some years ago it was an insider tip for everybody who was searching for a lonely tropical island with some palm trees, surrounded by white beach and nothing else. No other Tourists, no Filipinos, just nothing. Pure relaxing!
Today Calanggaman is still a barely known place. But with more tourists came also the interest of the Government to protect this beautiful place. You can have several Boat trips from Malapascua to the island for snorkeling and diving. This is really interesting, because the small island is surrounded by a sanctuary, now you have there still lots of fish and corals you haven’t seen before.
They also started to build some small areas for a restaurant, so that you can have here also a little snack while you explore the island.

But there are some things you should know before you have a trip there!
Don’t think about to have a trip to Malapascua or Calanggaman with a small boat, you will regret it very early on the ocean.

You should stay one night on Malapascua. With good weather conditions you need two hours till Malapascua Island and 3,5 hours till Calanggaman, same time back again. What means you have four to seven hours only boat tour, without visiting the islands at all.
A very nice place to stay is the brand new build Resort of Kokay’s Maldito. It isn’t cheap, but the rooms are really beautiful and they have also a very good restaurant where you have a wonderful sunset view on the ocean!

Be prepared! Take enough Water, ready cooked food like Lumpia (Shanhai rolls) or Meatballs, Softdrinks and other Liquids with you, for the trip as it and just in case of emergency.
You will be always able to see the Island of Cebu or Leyte. From Bantayan to Malapascua you have for a long time directly on your right side the coast of Cebu and a short while it will be behind you.
On the way to Calanggaman you have Leyte on your left and Cebu Island still on your right, but hard to reach. The good thing on this tour is the fact that Calanggaman is really often visited from other Diving Resorts and Tourists coming from Malapascua or Calanggaman Island.

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