Bantayan Island in its Low Season

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Sorry that I didn’t post on my blog now for a while, it’s just because of our low season right now, but that will change in the near future again.

Some would say that now is the right time NOT to visit Bantayan. But in my opinion it is absolutely the right time! The most hotels are near to empty, so you have as much privacy as you like and you can easily ask for your favors if there are some, and mostly the stuff can handle without big waiting time causing by other guests.

And besides of that you will see the complete Island in all possible colors due to the weakening raining season. Some month ago we have a very hot period and the most plants were out of water and so they couldn’t show their beautiful colors, but right now, all the flowers, plants and trees getting all their strength back. Most hotels taking care of their plants, so the surroundings are always watered and in that way green, but to see the complete island that full of life is again a little bit different and makes Bantayan Island to such a special place, especially if you come from a bigger town.

But at least there is one important thing what I better don’t forget. Right now is here the perfect time to have some nice walks at the beach, taking a sunbath or whatever you like to do there. The white Beach is at this time the same quite like the most other places on Bantayan Island and you can enjoy a very relaxing and comfortingly vacation.
And about the water temperature you also don’t need to worry. All around the year, our water here has nearly the same temperature, so you can go to every day and night time to swim, even if it is June, September, December or March. You will never feel a difference.

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  • Alexandru-Adrian Carstea

    Hello, how can I get in touch with you? Do you have any e-mail? I cannot find your e-mail on your web site. It is quite important, thank you. My e-mail is carstea AT rotrip DOT net

  • smyles

    Sir, may I ask what the weather is like in Bantayan in November? Would it be a good time to go? Thanks.

  • Bantayan Island

    To write us, just use the email address ” ” There you could write everything you like and normally you get answered very soon.

  • Bantayan Island

    Last year we had already very good weather on Bantayan Island. Normally you can say that the rain stops latest in the middle of October and there will again much more sun. A good time to come here is between November and June. While from April to May there should be the hottest time on Bantayan Island.

  • Ross & Rolina

    Santa Fe Bantayan is one of the most beautiful spots in the Philippines…we first visited 4 years ago on the advise of some Cathay flight crew who had just stayed there and we come at least once per year normally at Xmas (weather changeable then) or March/April( great weather without crowds). We always book the beach front Bungalows at Budyong Resort 032 4385700 ( without doubt the premier location on the beachfront, you will feel at one with nature. Costs range from about 500-1500 and the bungalows are BIG! You should book as they are always pretty full. The beachfront there is similar to Boracay, but the white sand is still there, where at Boracays disappeared years ago, and is only in the brochures. There are 5-6 very nice restaurants within a few 100 meters of the beach, where top food is served don’t miss them
    We can’t wait to get back there! Ross & Rolina.

  • Peter and Nenita

    We have just stayed at the new 2 storey Sunday Flower Hotel and Beach Resort +63 91685 77522 not far from Sugar beach. The beach is just 50 metres away. We stayed in an airconditioned room with a kitchen and bathroom. It was very relaxing, the beach was clean,and the locals were very friendly. There was lots to see, we hired a motor bike and saw all the island in a day, the markets were colourful, the restaurants were plentiful, the food was priced low, the ambiance was pleasant. The weather was hot, but cool breezes in the evening. There was even a maid to assist us in our cooking for a small extra fee. So lovely just to get away and be part of another world where life just goes on with fresh fish, payapas, rice, sticky rice, mangoes and bananas being plentiful. and Facebook Sunday Flower are good contact points.

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