From Bantayan to Virgin Island

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From Bantayan to Virgin IslandA Trip what is always worth, when you are on vacation on Bantayan Island, is to get to Virgin Island. It is a small Island north east of Santa Fe. The Island with a tiny bay in the north and a beautiful beach in south has almost only a very small population. Some Caretaker fit for years on the island which is usually at a bargain price of 8 million U.S. dollars for sale. At least that means only the rumour mill. And again nobody knows how accurate this information are, because nobody is interested when he wants to spent a beautiful day on the Island. You can rent a boat from the fishermen, almost everywhere, but you should really never take more than 2 people in small boats because they are not designed for this. Anyway, the price difference between small fisher boats and big boats is very low. Recommended is the big boat from “Bantayan Cottages” near the port that can carry 15-25 people and offer the best price for 1500 pesos. (Small fishing boats cost an average of 1000 pesos and are not nearly as comfortable to sit)

After a boat ride of about 30 minutes to get to the little left Island. Fine powder sand beach of the finest greeted each newcomer and invites you to stay. There are small cottages on Virgin Island where you can relax and public grill places where people can prepare meals. Often some fishermen offer small fish or shells, but you should not rely on it. Who here likes to barbecue itself should either be self sufficient in the market of Bantayan, or order it at the boat rental. The crew will also cook the dinner when they get a little something from, and are also very helpful in everything else. Snorkelling on Virgin Island is well suited, but you should not expect too much because by the currents there are not that many corals. Fun anyway.

It should be noted that you still go back to at least 4:30 pm to 4:45 pm so you can enjoy a beautiful sunset from the boat. Here it’s most familiar to talk to the boat crew to raise the good places.

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  • chix

    I’ve been in Virgin Island twice and it is indeed beautiful. One thing I regret is not being able to view the whole island as we only stayed in the beach front. Anyhoo, do you have any idea if the island has it’s own electricity and water supply? :)

  • Bantayan Island

    Hello Chix,
    as i know has this island no own water supply and electricity. The only living people there are the caretaker. If you were only at the beach front it’s indeed beautiful. But on the backside of Virgin Island you can find a small Bay where you also can land. Much more privacy and nice diving surroundings.

  • chix

    Thank you! Maybe I’ll try going at the backside on our next visit. :) One more thing, I’m confused by the real name of Virgin Island, some says it’s called Sillon while other calls it Hilantaga-an Diot. Which one is?

  • Bantayan Island

    100% it is not Hilantaga-an, thats an differend Island besides Virgin Island.
    Sillion Island or Virgin Island, i can only answer the Question in the way, that i say, here, on Bantayan Island this island is called Virgin Island and everybody will know which Island you mean. Thats all i can say to that.

  • Alex

    we went there last november 2009. It was a sunny day. we were already half way when an “unos” happened. we were on a small fishing boat which almost flip over by the strong waves and winds. I really thought that we would die since we didn’t have any life jackets! We could have drown easily. We didn’t continue the trip and we just walked back to the resort.

    Thank God I’m Alive!

  • pedro

    i wonder is inside pix i can see of aircon cottages? always showing only outisde along sidewalk and in road. it is beautiful but can we see inside of cottages, and know where the island is near cebu. i might want to stay there but want to see inside cottages and to know where the island is located.

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