Bantayan Sand beaches around Santa Fe are ideal for walking

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It’s now only some days before Easter and the excitement for the upcoming Easter weekend on Bantayan started already, because at this time very much Filipinos and Filipinas will spent their time here to visit their families and to join the Easter procession. Bantayan is very common for the great festivals and big parties at this time who are everything, but not quiet. Since the last days at sugar beach is getting everything prepared so that they can dance all nights long. For all the car’s you never see in normal time are also some car parks on bigger grounds prepared, because normally there is not enough space for them.

If somebody wants to come on Thursday, 1st April, so I can only give the advice, call this Cell phone (09083094717) to order a private Boat. Because what a normal Tourist in Hagnaya awaits could be very frightening. The Ferry what normally every 1,5 hours goes and slow from there to Bantayan drives, needs at these days only 30 minutes, because they will drive with full speed. Before you enter the Ferry you have to buy the ticket. (On normal day’s you can buy the tickets also direct on board) But at Holy Week that’s absolutely not possible. The entering of the boat is getting controlled by the Philippine Army. I wouldn’t do that to me..

In the last weeks the beautiful beaches here get cleaned by school classes, so that the visitors who are vacation here on Bantayan Island can enjoying their stay, and for that a beach walk is a must have. This is at best from the Harbour till to Ogtong Cave, where you can relax in the pool and the restaurant also recommended is. And if the walk needs to long, you can have a break at the floating bar, what you can perfectly see on the last Picture.

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  • gesel

    what is the name of this beach? want to have a walk in there! and any suggestion, i want to have a 2 days 1 night vacation in their,how much will it cost me? is easy to tour in the island without a guide, are the people friendly and accommodating as well? thanks


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