Asian lobster dinner in Santa Fe

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Asian lobster in Santa FeA special experience in Bantayan is already two years back when I was just arrived on the island. Me and my wife were then newly arrived in Santa Fe when a friend invited us in an Asian lobster dinner at the beach. The location was nice because we could watch the sunrise watching from the boat and then we were able to enjoy at a small table for 4 people on the beach in the evening.
When the cook showed the Asian lobster, I was very excited because such a beautiful animal I had never seen before. Neither the Philippines nor appear Photos on the Internet. And it was incredible that he was still alive. Due to the amateur chef has informed us that this was always so that the meat is properly cooked when they are alive. The kind of preparing causes me stomach acid but when I saw the lobster on the table I had forgotten everything.

We enjoyed the tender meat with a nice bottle of red wine and had one of the most beautiful days in Santa Fe for the first time since I’m in the Philippines. Whoever has the possibility of a beach dinner should do so in any case. And if there is such a beautiful Asian lobster you have to try, it does not matter what they cost because it’s worth!

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  • Ermanno

    Hi ! I’ll go to Bantayan this august and i’m courios about the price:
    How much is an entire alive lobster?

    Thank you
    Ermanno from Italy

  • Mr Tran


    Can you help me or point me in the right direction.

    My wife was born on the island and has a brother called Albert, Albert was born phyisclly normal but as he grew his chest sunk and pushed his back out, the family want to take him to a specialist or clinic where he can be looked at by a doctor who practises in the aliments of chest, spines and bones deformities, i am really having problems trying to locate such a person or clinic, i accept we may be loooking on cebu or further.

    Could you please help us and give us the contact details that may help us to locate such a specialist that can help us


    Mr Tran
    UK celphone 0780 7557 358

    Thank you very much

  • Wendy

    How much is this kind of dinner for two persons?

  • Bantayan Island

    It was for an special occasion prepared by someone. So it was one the first side a special friendship price and if there is still somebody who could offer that kind of Lobster again is also not save and the next thing is, that this kind of Lobster is already really rare in this area.

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